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Massey Hall was a gift from the Massey family to the city of Toronto in 1894. For over 115 years, its famous red doors have welcomed audiences to a stunning array of events, personalities and artists. It has earned a unique place in Canadian music history.


For over 100 years, Massey Hall has been one of Canada's favourite venues. Time after time, promoters, meeting planners and community leaders have chosen Massey Hall to entertain, enlighten and uplift. Charged with the thrill of past performances Massey Hall continues to host a rich and diverse season of concerts, corporate meetings, community and special events including dinners, film shoots and multimedia meetings.

Daily Rate:

Ticketed Events: $8,000 + 100 x top ticket price
Non Ticketed Events: $15,000


Seated: 2534
GA Standing Floor: Approx 2800
Cocktail: 200 on the Allan Slaight Stage
Dinner: 120 on the Allan Slaight Stage

Rental of the auditorium includes:
Backstage rooms and lounges