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The Massey Hall Revitalization Project and Introduction of Allied Music Centre

We find ourselves in an incredibly rare moment, as Massey Hall nears the finish line of the most significant renovation in its 129-year history.

The expansion means four venues, including the remarkably restored Allan Slaight Auditorium and TD Music Hall, for artists, educators, and community groups with expanded programming. Beyond improved amenities and accessibility, students and communities will engage and connect through expanded Education and Outreach activity. Artists will be able to create and perform at every stage of their careers with tailored Artist Development support from the Halls. And music fans like you will be an integral part of an artist’s path to becoming headliners.

Much like the Hall’s founding wishes, a Gift for the People, we are excited to gather with friends and sing loudly together once again in the revitalized Massey Hall. Your support will bring the joy of live performances to audiences and artists alike.

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The Future of Education & Community

For the very first time, Education & Community Outreach programming finds a permanent home at Allied Music Centre.

While past programming has made the best of less-than-ideal locales - back corners of busy bars, available boardrooms and meeting spaces, even renting space off site, Allied Music Centre introduces purpose-built spaces designed for learning and forming connections. The Theatre will host the culmination of the Lullaby Project’s work in the form of recitals by participants who have written, rehearsed, and recorded bespoke lullabies for their young children, all on site at Allied Music Centre. The Studio will bring students together for hands-on workshops for kids and adults alike.

While these much-frequented spaces will be critical for enriching the lives of music fans of all ages, every resource and space in Allied Music Centre from the Instrument Library through to Massey Hall itself has received thoughtful consideration to ensure they create opportunities for those looking to broaden their musical horizons. Let the learning begin!
The Future of Artist Development

One of the tenets of Massey Hall’s charitable status is a commitment to supporting Canadian talent, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Artist Development program. Supporting artists at every stage along their careers through strategic investment and supports to help grow audiences and fuel the creative process, the Artist Development program finds a complete tool kit in Allied Music Centre’s four performance venues and dedicated resources and spaces for writing, rehearsing, recording, and more. A holistic and customized approach for each artist will help them climb the venue ladder from the intimacy of the 6th Floor Theatre to realizing their dream of standing on the Allan Slaight Stage making their Massey Hall debut.

Opportunities abound at Allied Music Centre, the artist’s home away from home.

Allied Music Centre will be a lynchpin in Toronto's cultural tourism and music sector plans. It will become a much more desirable facility for artists of all stripes, and an attractive multi-purpose venue for corporate and community events with an estimated contribution of $348 million in GDP. With 22 venues closures in the music sector in Toronto alone in recent years, we are expecting Allied Music Centre to be central to the city’s economic and tourist recovery plans post COVID. New venues and spaces throughout the Allied Music Centre will attract diverse programming opportunities and many new partnerships. The result is an expanded business model with increased revenues reinvested into mission-related initiatives providing the Hall with the ability to expand its reach – including the development of programs that directly impact the livelihood of our artists – who have suffered immensely during the pandemic.


The introduction of Allied Music Centre represents brighter days ahead, not only for the future of Massey Hall, but for the future of music globally. Together we can ensure that one of the country’s most distinguished landmarks will continue its legacy of hosting defining moments in Canadian culture and supporting equitable access to arts education for people of all ages, and backgrounds,

Together, we have a rare moment to build a more expansive vision for arts and culture in Canada through this revitalization project. We hope you will consider our request to discuss this opportunity with you further.

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Massey Hall Seat Dedication
An aspirational home for our nation’s great artists and international iconic entertainers, no other venue has contributed so much to our country’s cultural identity. And now you can leave a lasting legacy by adding your name to the Hall. When you name a seat in support of the Massey Hall Revitalization Project, your gift ensures Canada’s most preeminent cultural treasure thrives and fuels the joy and power of live performance that will keep going down in history. Your dedication will be engraved on a plaque installed on an armrest, leaving your mark on the Hall.

Make a Tribute Gift toward the Deane Cameron Recording Studio
Deane was a record man, a musician, a leader, a mentor, and a friend. His warmth, his generosity, and his genuine care for the people in his musical life was unparalleled. Our community has felt the loss ever since his passing, but we continue to feel his impact in the music around us. Now, with your support, we will ensure Deane’s legacy is honoured in the most fitting way possible - empowering future generations to create and share their music. Share your favourite memory of Deane and join us in honouring his legacy with a donation for the Deane Cameron Recording Studio, part of the Revitalization of Massey Hall.

Endowment Gifts The Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall Foundation is a charitable organization separate from The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall. The Foundation is responsible for managing the Corporation’s endowment and exists to receive, hold, and administer gifts, providing annual support to the programs of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall.

Please consider an endowment donation to the Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall Foundation that is well-aligned with your personal interests, such as supporting Education and Outreach or Artist Development programming. A gift to the Foundation may be made in the form of cash or securities.

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Massey Hall, one of Canada’s most revered cultural institutions and a designated National Historic Site featuring the remarkably restored Allan Slaight Auditorium. Audiences can now bask in the glow of over 100 meticulously restored original stained glass windows and marvel at the intricate plaster ceiling details not seen for generations. A versatile seating system on the main floor allows for deep musical connections in its traditional seated configuration and gets the audience on its feet for high energy shows when the seats are stored beneath the stage. Now, with turn-key recording and broadcasting capabilities, the magic of Massey Hall will reach audiences around the world.

Patron Services & Accessibility
Allied Music Centre ushers in a whole new era of accessibility and convenience for concert-goers. The addition of new expansive bars and washrooms to service every level of the Allan Slaight Auditorium will significantly improve many of Massey Hall’s former shortcomings. New circulation routes will take music fans on a journey of discovery through archives and exhibits, while elevator access to the upper floors

This new performance space opened in February 2022 and addresses a growing need in the cultural ecosystem. The new TD Music Hall, located on the 4th floor of Allied Music Centre, is the epitome of a great modern concert venue. Playing a critical role as a steppingstone for aspiring Canadian artists or a must-play destination for international touring acts, the 500-person capacity space features a cutting-edge immersive audio system delivering unmatched sound, great sightlines throughout, a dynamic view of the city from its floor to ceiling windows, and direct recording capabilities to capture those seminal moments of music-making for posterity. Toronto has never seen (or heard) a venue like this. Check out the upcoming events on the TD Music Hall website.

An exciting new addition to the family, the 6th Floor Theatre may be the smallest of Allied Music Centre’s four performance venues, but there is nothing diminutive about its impact.

An exquisite showcase room for emerging artists, a recital hall for students and community ensembles, and a perfect setting for panel discussions and artist interviews are but some of the Theatre's intended uses while its retractable seating system provides the flexibility to also host educational workshops, interactive family programming, and so much more.

Affordable and accessible, but also fully wired for professional recording and broadcast, the Theatre will resonate with countless grassroots community arts organizations and emerging artists in a city where such venues are increasingly hard to find.

Expanded and improved in every way, the Muskoka Spirits Basement Bar is not only the go-to spot for meeting up with friends before the big show, but a magnetic and intimate performance space designed for late-night concerts to keep the celebrations rolling long after the main hall has gone dark. A beautifully appointed space, the Basement Bar echoes many of Massey Hall’s heritage design elements while forging its own identity as a modern, connected listening room. And with bars and washrooms located throughout Allied Music Centre, there is one heritage element that won’t be coming back: long lineups.

With every one of Allied Music Centre’s four performance venues wired for turn-key audio and video recording, connecting artists with their fans around the globe has never been easier. From simple archival audio recordings to live television broadcasts, demand for original content is increasing exponentially and finding opportunities to capture performances is becoming an increasingly vital key to an artist’s success. Nothing replaces the thrill of being at the concert, but celebrated recordings including 1953’s “Greatest Jazz Concert ever”, 1971’s Neil Young Live At Massey Hall remind us that a live recording is the next best thing.

Perched at the top of Allied Music Centre on the 7th floor is the Deane Cameron Recording Studio designed with artistic development in mind. Equally suited as a classroom for music education where students get hands-on with instruments, a space for musicians to rehearse for their big show at Massey Hall, or a professionally appointed recording studio where an artist can record their next masterpiece, creators will appreciate the acoustically treated space and its suite of available resources as they hone their craft and develop their art. The views of the city skyline will only add to the inspiring nature of the Studio.

The Lounge is a sanctuary for the music community. By day, artists, their teams, and community arts organizations alike will develop a deep appreciation of the warm and inviting atmosphere as they meet to plot their next big moves, conduct intimate media interviews in the relaxed private setting, or take advantage of the comfortable environment for contemplative work like penning the lyrics to that next hit song. At night, that music community joins members and other dedicated music fans for a relaxed drink and some great conversations while taking in the city view before the show.


We are deeply appreciative of our donors and their support of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall’s endeavors. While in most years the Halls is sustained through earned revenue, the Massey Hall Revitalization campaign is a significant and once in a century endeavour to restore, reimagine, and revitalize the 128 Hall with new amenities, accessibility, performance spaces, and more. Private philanthropy provides the resources Massey Hall requires to continue growing its stature as a global leader in arts presentation.

In 2018, Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall launched The Massey Hall Revitalization campaign. The Campaign will ensure that Massey Hall is restored, reimagined, and revitalized for generations to come and continues to serve Canadians, artists and community groups.

The best way for Massey Hall to preserve our public interest is through private support. Our goal is to raise $184 million over the course of the Campaign. These funds will help ensure that Massey Hall can do more than maintain the status quo—they will allow us to continue to achieve the seemingly impossible and help us forge new ways forward in our quest to build a better tomorrow.

Every donation matters. Every donation counts. Your gift of any size helps ensure the Massey Hall Revitalization Project excellence now and in the future. You are encouraged to connect with us to learn more about why this project matters to you, and make a gift, of any size.

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