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Bianca Del Rio has officially announced her new North American stand-up comedy tour titled “Dead Inside.” The tour will take the Drag Race icon to 60 different locations across the United States and Canada between February and May of 2024. As the seasoned comic’s sixth large-scale stand-up tour, “Dead Inside” will cover politics, pop culture, political correctness, current events, cancel culture, and everyday life through the eyes of someone who's "dead inside," finding humour in everything.

Fans can expect their favourite self-proclaimed "clown in a gown" to return to the stage with the same lightning-fast wit and razor-sharp tongue they’ve grown to love. Bianca is a pro at entertaining the masses, and audiences can look forward to an abundance of interaction between the comedic icon and her crowd. After all, when the "Joan Rivers of the Drag World" has a microphone in her hands, no one is safe.