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This winter, Blue Rodeo return to Toronto with Songs Seldom Heard. Listen to some of Blue Rodeo’s seldom performed songs (as well as some of your favourites!)

With their superb 16th studio album Many A Mile (released December 3), legendary alt-country/rockers Blue Rodeo discovered that even nightmares like COVID-19 can have silver linings. After decades of non-stop performing, time off the road granted them (enforced, really) much-needed downtime during which creativity bloomed. Pandemic protocols also meant recording in novel ways, with Blue Rodeo co-singer/songwriters Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor working separately, while sharing band members - bassist Bazil Donovan, drummer Glenn Milchem, keyboardist Michael Boguski, guitarist Colin Cripps and multi-instrumentalist Jim Bowskill - on a rotating but relaxed basis.