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From his earliest recordings with Roxy Music at the beginning of the 1970s, Bryan Ferry has taken his place as one of the most iconic and innovative artists to emerge in popular music. In his work you hear a vocal and lyrical brilliance that merges the intensity of Lou Reed, the poise of Sinatra and the charisma of Serge Gainsbourg. But then there is something extra - a verve and performance so ultra-modern that it continually breaks new ground.

As also defined by his work with Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry’s solo recordings have long achieved a perfect tension between languor and brooding passion, whether in his own songs or in his interpretations of works by other artists. Many of Ferry’s greatest compositions describe the fate of the lonely, isolated romantic - always on the outside, even at the heart of the grandest party or the most exotic city. Ferry has said of himself, “I feel always to be on the inside looking out, or the outside looking in -” – the classic situation of the artist.