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Massey Hall presents

After packing and wowing the Rivoli in February 2016, Tokyo-based jazz trio Mouse on the Keys returns to Toronto in support of their new EP, Out of Body. A decidedly contemporary take on the jazz that has been an essential part of our DNA, the band evokes the teeming metropolis of Tokyo, their home base, with a non-traditional lineup of two keyboardists and a drummer. Their hard-charging combination of punk-rock, jazz and classical music and visuals that enhance the experience inject a new energy into the form.
Akira Kawasaki of the group describes Out of Body as being influenced by his experience with asymptomatic brain infarction following the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster in 2011 and as a result feeling “closer to death.” Exclaim! describes the result as “…loaded with leftfield time signatures, eerie horror synths and skewed electronics... held together by a solid melodic thread.”