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When Grizzly Bear came to the end of the road with their fourth album, 2012's Shields, the future was unclear. No dramatic decisions were made, no arguments were had, but there was a feeling as there always is with the foursome that a breather was required. The band who emerged in 2004 in Brooklyn, New York, have forever functioned as a self-described “democracy”. It's equal and it's fair but it can also take a lot of out of them. And so they went their separate ways and bedded down in different corners.

While all four members were strewn across their various corners, they started a cloud account – essentially a dropbox. The intention was to allow the band a gentler entry point for starting to think about coming together again. The resulting fifth Grizzly Bear album Painted Ruins benefits from having the songs develop in a completely organic way. 'Painted Ruins' isn't a passing pleasure, it's a body of work intended to be lived in. Its psychedelic grooves, challenging composition and pensive lyrics require repeated listens and develop significance, attachment and deep-rooted appreciation over time.