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Rendering traditional ideas of genre and audience divide obsolete with a unique musical alchemy that draws on elements of classical, rock, electronica and world music, Ludovico Einaudi has attracted a growing audience over two decades. He has released chart-topping albums, 2015s Elements was the first classical album in 23 years to break into the top 15 on British sales. Einaudis compositions have been featured and written for film and television such as Black Swan, I`m Still Here and The Is England.

Selling out concert halls worldwide including two Toronto dates at Koerner Hall Ludovico Einaudi returns on his Essential Einaudi tour.

I never feel at ease when they try to categorize my work. Also I think labels are in a way restricting. You can put the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the same category, but the types of music, the colors each band evokes, are completely different. It’s the same with Mozart and Beethoven — they express two very different aspects of music. Today when they ask me if my music is minimal, is classical, is contemporary — I can say yes or no, but it doesn’t make sense of what I am doing.