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Blue Xerion Inc presents...  

Nepathya’s Music for Humanity, produced by Nepa laya  Live in Canada 2023, is an extraordinary concert that promises to captivate the hearts and souls of the audiences on the eve of Vijayadashami, the most celebrated festival in Nepal.

Nepathya is one name in Nepali Music - which has gained consistent popularity and social recognition. During the past 25 years of its existence, Nepathya has been the trendsetter. They have been the pioneers in blending folk melodies into youth-friendly pop and rock formats. Folk melodies have remained the life force of Nepathya. Apart from folk, Nepathya's songs also portray contemporary Nepal - its pain at times of war and distress, and yet the ray of hope an artist sees and imagines.  

This event will be ‘A Moment of Pure Joy’ which aims to show respect to the Legendary Band Nepathya and their continuous contribution to noble causes. The concert shall produce a collective memory that will be cherished for years to come, forging bonds of unity and fostering a sense of belonging to the community.  

We are thrilled to welcome legendary beloved singer Amrit Gurung and the band, Nepathya to iconic Massey Hall.