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Massey Hall presents

Serena Ryder tours her compelling latest album, The Art of Falling Apart, which invites listeners to join her mental wellness journey through a driving pop sound and the full range of her powerful voice.

On The Art of Falling Apart, her eighth studio album and seventh JUNO Award, she helps us understand the importance of sitting with the uncomfortable moments and the wisdom in their messages. Over a driving pop sound bursting with irresistible rhythms, pulsing bass lines, and the full range of her powerful and expressive voice, she pulls listeners through her own winding, transformational journey, detailing despair, toxic relationships, and breakdowns alongside hope, joy, and big, big love.

KT Tunstall burst onto the music scene with her 2004 multi-platinum debut, Eye to the Telescope, which spawned the global hits "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" and "Suddenly I See." These songs established Tunstall as a captivating, must-see performer, as well as a Songwriter with a singular knack for balancing introspective folk and propulsive rock. "I feel there are two immediate, recognizable pillars of my style," she says. "I have this troubadour, acoustic guitar-driven emotional side. Then there's definitely a rocker side of me with sharper teeth."

In the last few years, the Grammy-nominated Scottish Musician has expanded on these musical selves by focusing on a trilogy of records, where each album zeroes in on a single concept: soul, body and mind. The first, 2016's KIN, was the soul record; 2018's WAX was the body record, and the new NUT is the mind record.

With her sonorous voice, Milton, Ontario singer-songwriter Billianne captivated the internet in 2021. Her poignant adaptation of the Tina Turner classic “Simply The Best” caught the ears of millions, soaring across TikTok and spurring a spark of virality that redefined what comes next in her life. As Billi moves from covers into her own original music, she finds refuge in nostalgia, radiating towards ideas that exemplify authenticity through simplicity. Ultimately, Billi is coming to learn that her greatest honesty lives in her songwriting and what she shares next will not only be a reflection of her tastes but also an unveiling to her thoughts. Single ‘No Wonder’ is the first offering in a string of music that Billi will release to the world in the coming months.