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iskwē | ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ is , among many other things, an artist – a creator and communicator of music and of movement, of pictures, poetry and prose. And through it all, she’s a teller of stories that have impacted our past and will inform our future. acākosīk (pronounced acha-ko-suk) is the culmination of her creation and collaboration to this point. It’s a collection of seven sonic explorations that not only blur lines between sources and styles, but also between the actual and the ideal, the real and imagined.

acākosīk is both a new album and an immersive live experience where rock-show meets the unexpected.

iskwē creates a bold and adventurous sound of electronic and alternative rock, with a mesmerizing live experience that is intense, powerful, emotional, intimate and yet vast. With a four-piece alt-electro band, choreographed dancers, costumes, visual projections, soundscapes, and powwow singers, the show is meant to be an immersive experience. “I want my audience to enter into a space that is open and inclusive for everyone. A space where we come together in a safe and thoughtful way. So we all walk away feeling good,” says iskwē.

Bring an open mind. Bring an open heart. Bring your earplugs 'cause this show is going to rock!

“iskwē's voice is, for lack of a more powerful word, beautiful. It is full and strong and heartbreaking and timeless. Hers is the kind of voice that you feel in the pit of your stomach.”

“One of the most powerful live performers in this country.”

Tom Power , CBC q