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Legendary French duo AIR announces an extensive North American tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut album Moon Safari. Similar to their recent European tour, which sold out in record time, AIR will be playing their widely celebrated album in its entirety for the first time ever. This announcement closely trails last Friday’s release of the demo version of "New Star In The Sky" to all DSPs prior to the digital release of the 25th anniversary deluxe album on March 15th, which features over ten cherry-picked Moon Safari audio rarities.

AIR’s boundary-pushing album has long been praised for its innovative sonics that have inspired countless musicians to think outside the box, so much so that their influence even transcended their own medium. Since Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel formed the band in 1995, the prolific duo has released six albums in addition to their acclaimed EP Premiers Symptômes, which was followed by the release of the aforementioned classic Moon Safari along with two soundtracks that all together sold millions of copies. AIR garnered an extensive list of worldwide accolades for their unique brand of downtempo electronic music that not only sculpted the sound for the next generation of electronic-influenced pop music but also was able to withstand the test of time in its own right.