Onsale Times

DJB presents

You’ve heard them at clubs, festivals, and on the street. Now experience the energetic sound of Toronto’s heavy-hitting brass band on stage at Canada’s most renowned music venue! BSB will perform original compositions and fresh takes on pop classics and recent hits. Also get your vocal cords ready—audience participation will be encouraged!

Matt Smith (trumpet)
Zach Smith (trombone)
Conrad Gluch (tenor sax)
Jeremy Worden (baritone sax)
Nolan Murphy (sousaphone)
Stuart Mein (drums)

Born on the streets of Toronto in 2017, Big Smoke Brass is a leading voice in the Canadian Brass landscape. With hundreds of performances under their belt, the band is equally comfortable on the streets, in clubs, at events, at festivals, or on the road.

Their polished, high-energy sound is unmistakable and has captivated audiences all over - leading to numerous web and television appearances, shows alongside international artists, and a growing discography of original music and videos.

The band maintains a busy performance schedule throughout the year, all while endeavouring to spread positivity and foster community with their listeners and the next generation of musicians.