Onsale Times

Massey Hall and Rubin Fogel & Princeton Entertainment presents

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this Nana Mouskouri performance has unfortunately been cancelled. We hope to be able to reschedule this performance in the future. All tickets sold will be refunded, in full, without delay. Thank you for your understanding.

Offers for Greek legend Nana Mouskouri to return to the stage come into her manager constantly from all over the world. But Nana herself has requested to return to Canada for a tour that will take her to the four cities she holds closest to her heart… Toronto, Montreal, Québec and Ottawa.

This will mark her only concert tour in 2024, and it is not only the cities that Nana treasures, it is genuinely the people… The adoring fans who have remained loyal and filled their concert halls over the past six decades.

Nana has left a significant footprint on Canadian culture. Her affection for our country has inspired her to record and perform many classic Canadian compositions by Bryan Adams, Leonard Cohen, Anne Murray, Neil Young, Jean-Pierrre Ferland and others. A unique chance to see this Great Lady of Song who has sold 365 million albums worldwide.

Praise for Nana has come from critics everywhere. One review stated most profoundly that “there are notes, phrases and songs that make you feel you are listening to the greatest singer of our lifetime!”