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Celebrating their fiftieth anniversary with an extensive international tour, Squeeze are one of rock's vital institutions, a band who carved out a distinctive place in the pop firmament with their vibrantly melodic, perceptive songs. The ensuing decades found Squeeze building a formidable body of work, a songbook that continues to expand with the release of the vigorous comeback albums Cradle to the Grave and The Knowledge, a pair of records Squeeze delivered in the late 2010s after a nearly twenty-year hiatus from the studio.

Joining Chris Difford, Glenn Tilbrookk are bassist Owen Biddle, pedal steel guitar and guitarist Melvin Duffy, percussionist Steve Smith, keyboardist Stephen Large, and drummer Simon Hanson. This is the version of the band that's kept the sound and spirit of Squeeze alive during its fiftieth year, a half-century distinguished by some of the smartest and sweetest guitar-pop made during the rock & roll era.